You Don’t Need Video Content to Tap Into Video Advertising with

We Offer Several Outstream Video Player Options


Desktop & Mobile


Video player that appears while scrolling through written content (muted), then collapses when finished.  Audio can be activated by the user.


Desktop & Mobile


Video player slides in (muted) from the bottom right and disappears when complete.  Audio can be activated by the user.


Desktop Only


Video player that appears as a full page takeover typically with audio on (customizable).  Adjusts to screen size, and can be closed by the user after several seconds.  Disappears to reveal the page when closed or completed.

BOTTOM (fixed)

Mobile Only


Video player that appears fixed to the bottom of the phone screen (muted).  Video adjusts to fit the width of screen and the user can manually activate audio.  Video disappears when complete.

Epic Publisher Reporting & Analytics Functionality

Real-time and Accurate Reporting on Impressions, CPMs, and Earnings with Detailed Reporting on Player Stats

Real-Time Reporting

Instantly access your impressions, fill rates, CPMs, and earnings in real-time through our cutting edge reporting interface.

Data Slicer & Pivots

With our data flexibility through slicers & pivots you can view your data from any angle or through any lens.

Integrated 3rd Party Data

We include premium data such as invalid traffic, viewability, and completion rates in your reporting so you can take control of your inventory to boost earnings.

Proven Technology You Can Count On

We Built Our Technology to Ensure the Highest CPMs & Fill Rates in the Industry

Monthly Ad Impressions

Unrivaled Monetization Opportunities

Majority of Video Ads are Bought Programmatically

But multiple middlemen take all your revenue. We do everything and take an industry low 20% (and are transparent about it).

Worldwide Digital Video Ad Spending
2005-2016 in Billions of USD

global digital video ad spend

We Cut Out the Middlemen & Integrate with All Demand Sources averages $4-6 Net CPMs for its Publishers

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